Ascensia Contour Test Strips


Contour Next Test Strips

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Ascensia Contour Test Strips

Maintaining accurate blood sugar levels is one of the most important areas any diabetic can master. Contour Next Test Strips allow for a quick and efficient reading of glucose levels to help you control your diabetic condition. The strips are easy to use, allowing for a wider application of blood samples, ensuring an accurate reading each time. No coding minimizes human error and second chance sampling allows you to apply more blood should the monitor require it. The strips when used with a Contour Next blood glucose meter perform at 100% accuracy. Made by Bayer, a leading manufacturer of diabetic supplies.


  • Test strips with Proven Accuracy
  • Precalibrated for ease of use with Contour Meters
  • Second-Chance Sampling
  • No Coding Technology (eliminates user error and misreads)
  • 5-second countdown. Results faster than other monitors
  • Less Blood Sample required (Only 0.6 L blood sample).

100 strips, 50 pack, 2 x 100 strips